ORIA air bellows in vibrating tables

Oria pneumatic air bellows are also applicable to vibrating tables/screens. This rubber material is very effective in these type of applications. When testing these parts, we are able to see that most of the vibrations coming from the vibrating platform are absorbed by the air spring while we are using the machine to separate food, divide entangled products, shake sand, mining slurry separation, etc.

The air rubbers or air shock absorbers can also find usage in delicate and laboratory electronic equipment and machinery. These are critical areas where reading accuracy of instruments is affected by unwanted vibrations like Analytical Balances, Hardness Testers, Spectroscopes, Microscopes, Roughness Testers, Galvanometers, Profile Projectors, Atomic Force Microscopes, Roundness Testers, Electronic Microscopes and Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometers.

Air springs protecting vibrating table’s sensible metal components

The main cause of mechanical failure in this application is the vibration. Even the frame and the body are affected by this. The vibrations cause a metal fatigue and consequently, most sensible metal parts start to damage and as a first sign, hairline cracks can be seen in the affected area. In addition, the bearings on bigger screens have to be checked carefully, considering that they tend to be damaged more easily.

For this reason, the sensible components of the machine are protected due to the air bellow’s capacity to minimize these vibrations, up to 99% of vibration isolation.

The pneumatic rubber springs can also be used to lift and lower the vibrating table, so that it can be fit in with existing roller conveyors for example.

In the following drawing we have an example of the different parts of the vibrating table: