Air springs and air bellows manufacturer

Oria manufactures air springs and air bellows interchangeable with international brands. We distinguish two series: F Series interchangeable with Firestone pneumatic actuators, and D series, interchangeable with Springrade or Pneuride rubber air bellows.

F Series
D Series

ORIA air springs and air bellows have 2 different functionalities:

  1. Substitution of pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders, working as an air spring. The air pressure inside the rubber air bellow creates an axial force that produces an elevation stroke, pushes, tensions and swivel and fast fixation movements, making the air springs (pneumatic actuators) the best substitutes for traditional cylinders.
  2. Due to its low natural frequency, they can substitute the springs, rubber-metal elements and other damping systems. The rubber pneumatic actuators can isolate a large percentage of the vibrations.

ORIA air springs are set up from the perfect fastening between the bellow and the metallic plate, thus obtaining the necessary tightness. The bellow is made of various rubber layers and a fabric-reinforced layer with the cords. Depending on the model, these air bellows could have different end closure options as bead plates or bead rings.

During the air bellow production various rubber compounds can be chosen. Moreover, it is also possible to use different steel qualities for the metallic pieces.


  • Lower cost
  • Wide size range:
    • Measures from 140 to 950 mm
    • Forces from 1,6 to 445 KN
  • No maintenance or lubrication required and long-lasting shelf-life
  • Friction free
  • Angular capability up to 30º
  • Compact starting height
  • Effective noise reduction


Standard rubber

It is the most widely used material in the air springs industry. Oria manufactures more than 100 models with this material.
Lowest temperature = -40ºC. Highest temperature = +70ºC.

Other compounds

ORIA also manufactures air springs for special applications. Almost 95% of all our range can be manufactured in the next materials:

    • Butyl (IIR): material widely used in the industry due to its ozone and solar light endurance.

Lowest temperature = -25ºC. Highest temperature = +90ºC.

    • Nitrile (NBR): material widely used in applications where oil can be found thanks to its excellent resistance to hydrocarbon oils and fuels, ozone and adverse weather conditions.

Lowest temperature = -25ºC. Highest temperature = +110ºC.

    • EPDM: material with excellent resistance to high temperatures.

Lowest temperature = -20ºC. Highest temperature = +115ºC.

    • Chloroprene (CR): material with excellent resistance to the sea water and medium resistance to acids.

Lowest temperature = -20ºC. Highest temperature = +110ºC.

Stainless steel

ORIA Air Springs can be provided with stainless steel closures and bead rings with the purpose of increasing their corrosion resistance. The most commonly used materials are: AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) and AISI 316 (DIN 1.4401).