ORIA Rubber Air Bellow Supplier Works with FDA Compliant Materials

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The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is the United States agency responsible for the regulation of food, food supplements, medicine, cosmetics, medical Equipment, biological products and blood derivatives.

When a company is forced to comply the FDA, manufacturers should ensure that the products being produced by the firm are regulated and follow the rules established by the FDA.

Even though many manufacturers do not make business in USA, it has become a standard worldwide, for this reason, when the products are manufactured following the guidelines stated by the FDA, the company is ensuring a guarantee of safety.

ORIA working with FDA law regulated companies

ORIA is working with companies that are forced to respect these regulations. Therefore, the pneumatic air bellows supplied to these companies are made of specific material to provide a high level of hygiene and avoid any pollution in the product that is being transformed. At the same time, ORIA guarantees a longer life cycle air spring with stainless steel metal parts resistant to rot.

Illustration 1: Rubber air spring with FDA compliant materials.

ORIA rubber air bellows manufactures rubber pneumatic springs with the FDA certification compliant materials, which comply with the CE 2023/2006 regulation. 

Illustration 2: Oria air bellow models for food industry.

ORIA air bellows located in in the Draining Vibrator application 

Our air bellows are applied in many different machines that work in the food production line. An important application would be the Draining vibrator, which is mounted with ORIA air bellows.

Illustration 3: Draining vibrator for food industry with ORIA air bellows.

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