Flexible rubber tyre coupling in rotary brush cutters and brush hog applications for agriculture

The rotary brush cutters or brush hogs are the perfect complement to tractors of low and medium power for agricultural use.

This device gives the user an incredible experience for cleaning and maintenance of plantations and other crops. It has to be mentioned that these machines used in the agriculture industry are made to cut strong pieces of wood, grass and even stones. Therefore, this is the application where the UNEFLEX elastic rubber coupling takes place inside the agriculture sector.

Flexible rubber tyre couplings device for brush cutter and brush hog application

UNEFLEX elastic rubber coupling’s performance in rotary brush and brush hog applications

Une, manufacturer of flexible rubber couplings, has a remarkable experience in rotary brush cutters and brush hog applications. In order to ensure the most effective performance, the strong and flexible rubber coupling is placed in cutter and brush hogs absorbing those vibrations coming from the shocks received buy the blade or chains that are cutting the grass, wood, stones, etc.

The shocks received by the blade/chains, which are transmitted to the machine, are more protected thanks to the composition and design of this flexible tyre coupling, correcting all the misalignments, absorbing the vibrations and consequently, protecting the metallic parts of the rotary brush cutter and the brush hog.

UNEFLEX elastic rubber tyre coupling working in brush cutter and brush hog applications