About Une

Since its foundation in 1970 in one of the most prosperous areas of Northern Spain, in the geographical centre of the Basque country, and with the steel, paper and shipbuilding sectors booming, UNE started manufacturing flexible couplings and providing added value to its customers.

We are a proactive and young company, able to adapt to the constant market changes and offer their customers high quality products fulfilling the highest standards. The companie satisfies the ISO 9001 certificate.

UNE belongs to GRUPO ORIA, which supports a solid and reliable position in the market, allowing the company to be always at the vanguard and close to the customer.

UNE is positioned worldwide with agents and distributors in more than 15 countries making it possible to find UNEFLEX, ACOFLEX and LAMAFLEX couplings all around the world.

ISO9001 Grupo Oria


For the manufacture of rubber bellows and some other products for special applications, UNE counts with machinery that allows for an effective, fast and efficient production. This versatility and flexibility are the main reasons why UNE is so valued.


UNE has qualified, experimented and well trained workers within all its departments. In this way, the solvency in production, administration and customer service is guaranteed.


Regardless of the fact of being surrounded by a natural environment or its willingness to follow the strictest environmental rules, ORIA is highly responsible with the environment.

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