Flexible Couplings

The main function of every coupling is the torque transmission from the conducting element to the driven element. Therefore there are different types of couplings.

UNE has got a wide range of flexible couplings capable of absorbing the efforts caused by the misalignment, avoiding those transmissions to the machines and sparing expensive breakdowns and reparations.

We manufacture the next 3 coupling series:

Acoplamientos flexibles UNEFLEX

The UNEFLEX tyre coupling eliminates all alignment defects. Its ability to achieve multiple displacements surpasses more complex coupling mechanisms and, nonetheless, it operates with the simplicity and safety of a modern rubber tyre.

Acoplamientos flexibles LAMAFLEX

The LAMAFLEX disc couplings are characterized by a higher torque transmission and a torsional stiffness than other coupling types. Composed of stainless steel discs and without lubrication needed.

Acoplamientos flexibles ACOFLEX

The ACOFLEX spider or jaw couplings are composed of a polyurethane insert that assures isolation, absorbs the shakings, and admits certain alignment tolerances, such axial, radial and angular.