UNEFLEX rubber tire highly flexible coupling applied in the roller drive application 

UNEFLEX flexible couplings in the rollerdrive application and metal industry

The UNEFLEX coupling is used for individual roller drive in which it is advisable to avoid open reduction gearing and to use a highly flexible, slack free coupling and roller table geared motor. Considering all the features of this elastic rubber coupling, it has to be mentioned that the UNEFLEX highly flexible coupling’s behavior in the iron and metal industry is remarkable for the reasons stated bellow.

UNEFLEX highly flexible coupling’s advantages in the roller drive process 

Most of the vibrations and shocks produced due to the engine start-up and the “material laid” on the roller drive process are isolated/eliminated as the UNEFLEX rubber tire absorbs the vibrations. This tire coupling is able to face inertia moments easily when machine start ups occur, decreasing the transmission of shock loads.

Buckling of the roller, which can often be seen when working conditions become heavy, has no adverse effect on the transmission part due to the rubber tire properties, being insurance for over-burdens.

Buckling problem solver

Corrosion, chemicals and high temperature is not a threat for the UNEFLEX coupling, depending on the location of the highly flexible tyre coupling, the rubber compound can be of chloroprene, increasing the maximum working temperature to +70 ºC, having a reliable performance and a longer functional life for hard ambient situations.

The rubber tire coupling prevents direct heat conduction from the roller to the transmission box or driving part, avoiding the lubrication of them.


UNEFLEX rubber tire elastic couplings in the roller drive application

UNEFLEX Flexible couplings under aggressive conditions